Sustainability Series: #2 Reducing the Use of Virgin Plastic

Bottle of Diet Coke

All of the plastic bottles you’ll see on are made of a type of plastic called PET.  At Coca-Cola we’re committed to all our packaging being as sustainable as possible, and in the second half of 2020 we made a major change to our PET bottles.  We use recycled PET (rPET) in our bottles, and last year we moved from 25% rPET to 50% rPET.  This saves a massive 21,000 tonnes of virgin PET per year.

This means that every bottle from, or anywhere else in Great Britain is made of 50% recycled content. We have ambitions to go further – in countries such as Sweden, our bottles have 100% recycled content and we’re working to get to that position in our country as soon as we can. We’ve already made this move on Glaceau Smartwater so watch out for more news on other packs in the future!

Plastic bottles make up about a quarter of all the packages we sell, and we want these to be as Sustainable as possible, and over the years we’ve steadily used less plastic in each bottle.  They are 100% recyclable, and are accepted for recycling by every local authority in Great Britain.

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