Take a Break the Right Way

A laptop displaying the Your Coca-Cola logo, surrounded by beverages included as part of the Home-Working bundle, such as Diet Coke, Smartwater Sparkling and Costa Coffee

Taking regular breaks throughout the day can give you a really positive boost and offer you some light relief from a busy day!

So, let’s look at some ways on how you can take a great break.

Why you should take a break

Life can be pretty busy at the best of times! That’s why, taking short and regular breaks throughout the day are great, as they grant you a few moments of calm and time for yourself.

What to do when taking a break

We recommend finding a quiet place to treat yourself to a few moments of peace!

From reading a book, to calling a friend for a catch up or listening to a podcast. There is lots of advice online that’s worth having a look at!

The perfect coffee break

A coffee break not only offers you a moment out from a busy day, but an opportunity to savour a great tasting coffee.

In Your Home-Working Bundle, available on Your Coca-Cola, you’ll receive 12 cans of Costa Coffee Smooth Sidekick Latte, perfect for satisfying that morning or afternoon coffee break moment. Costa Coffee’s range of ready-to-drink coffees have been expertly crafted using real Costa Coffee beans!

Stay active

Sometimes, the perfect way to just take a moment for yourself during the day is to go for a walk or even have a dance to your favourite song!

To help stay hydrated, Your Home-Working Bundle also contains 24 bottles of Glacéau Smartwater Sparkling. Glacéau Smartwater contains electrolytes, the natural minerals found in the body!

A Diet Coke break

What better way to enjoy a break from the day than a crisp, ice-cold can of Diet Coke…we’ll wait.

Your Home-Working Bundle also contains a 24 cans of Diet Coke, offering you the perfect excuse for a Diet Coke break.

If none of the above takes your fancy, why not create your own bundle and stock your fridge with your favourite beverages for when you next take a break?

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