Mocktails: Get The Party Started With Schweppes

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Want to enjoy your favourite cocktail, without the alcohol? We give you a breakdown of what makes a great mocktail so you can get your creativity flowing and master mixology!

How to make a great mocktail

When you read the drinks menu at a bar or restaurant, you’ll find that many mocktails boast an eclectic mix of ingredients. To an amateur mixologist, some might seem unnecessary, but there’s a science behind creating the perfect mocktail – and we’re going to help you with the key formula.


Put simply, botanicals are the ingredients that give your drink a fragrant scent and unique flavour.

One of the most popular examples you may be familiar with is juniper berries, which have a unique, fruity, yet bitter taste. Other popular botanicals include peels of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes, as these add zest to your mocktails, helping to sweeten the scent of your drink. In Winter months, mixologists often use nutmeg or cinnamon to add an aromatic and warming spice.


Looking to impress? We recommend adding a garnish to your cocktail, to embellish your delicious drink.

We’re not talking about cocktail stick umbrellas (though by all means, add one if you wish), we suggest a sprinkle of rose petals, some fresh herbs or a curl of cucumber.

Fresh fruits

Adding fruit to your mocktail enhances its appearance and flavour. Slices of apple are a great option, but strawberries and blueberries are the most common fruity additions.

Simply drop them into the glass when your mocktail is ready to serve. Fresh fruit requires less preparation, though frozen fruit will keep your drink chilled for longer.

The perfect mixer

The key component of a good mocktail is the mixer, to add flavoursome bubbles to your drink. Planning on entertaining? Stock up on Schweppes Tonic Water. Schweppes Tonic Water will support the flavours of your master creation. If you’re keen to add even more flavour, why not try Schweppes Ginger Ale?

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